A downloadable game for Windows

Time spent: 2 days

This is a puzzle game based on a board game that I played when I was younger.

5 different levels each per difficulty (easy, medium and advanced).
17 levels in total if you count the tutorial.

If I could improve on one thing it would be the tutorial, but with a game like this I think it's best to let the player get better on their own, those eureka moments are then much more valuable. At least a tutorial even exists!

All SFX and art was done by me.


Pizza Parlor Theme
Sunday Stroll
"Calm Jazz Song"
In a Sentimental Mood

Have fun!

Install instructions

Make sure to extract this all to an actual folder and don't run it directly from the .zip archive! Thanks for playing.


Traffic Jam ♪ 8 MB


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Hey, I remember rush hour! I like the wobbly graphics, it's a good way to animate a game that isn't normally animated. Also fits the music pretty well.

I agree the tutorial could use some work -- when it says "you can only move them in the direction they face" it sounds like you can only move them forward.


congradulation ...